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Reclaimed Yorkstone Floor laid in pub, The Dressers Arms, dating back to the 1700s

We specialise in the supply of  bespoke Reclaimed Yorkstone floors and were excited to be working with a well-loved local pub.  Flagstones were supplied in a mixture of buff and grey colours.  The Yorkstone floor was coursed to plan eliminating the need for wastage.  Course widths started at 12” wide and went up to 36” wide.  Prior to supply each flagstone was calibrated to a uniform thickness of 35mm and specially cleaned for interior use.  Once laid a sealer was applied to protect and enhance the stone.  There are lots of different types of stone sealers available for sale, here ‘Nexus pro-410‘ solvent based colour enhancing sealer was used.


Reclaimed Yorkstone

Yorkstone Flags from Ribble Reclamation

Following the recent sale of the pub to Jack, owner of the adjacent Chinese restaurant ‘Little Hong Kong’, the pub underwent some renovation work.  The bar area was extended and we were asked to supply some extra stone flags.  We often don’t get the chance to see finished floors so it was great to view the stone after a years’ worth of foot traffic and beer swill.  The pub has a great selection of real ales and we highly recommend the famous Dresser’s Steak Pudding!

Yorkstone Floor

Stone Floor

Yorkstone Flags laid at the Dressers Arms

We also had the opportunity to take some photos of the Reclaimed Oak Beams which we had supplied a year earlier.  The Beams were cleaned and hand finished in beeswax.  Here they are in our yard prior to being delivered

Reclaimed Oak Beams at Ribble Reclamation, prior to being fitted

And fitted…

eclaimed Oak Beams at The Dressers Arms

Oak Bemas from Ribble Reclamation

We always have a large selection of Reclaimed Flagstones which have been expertly graded for interior use. To view photos of some of the other floors we have supplied please follow the links:

Clapham Villa

Lancashire Edwardian Terrace

Manchester Hallway with review from Architect

Bolton Glass House & Patio

Reclaimed Yorkstone Patio Flags

Click here to view Reclaimed Yorkstone suitable for patios and driveways (as above). Our reclamation yard, with paved display gardens, is open 6 days a week.

Reclaimed Yorsktone Flags

If you would like a quote or more information, please email us at: or call us on: 01772 794534.

Thanks to Alex De Palma Photography & The Dressers Arms (9 Briers Brow, Wheelton, PR68HD)

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Reclaimed Stone Floor laid in Lancashire Edwardian Terrace

tone Flooring laid in courses

We recently supplied the stone floor in the photographs below.  Each stone floor is unique, no two flagstones are the same and that’s the beauty of it.   All reclaimed flagstones were supplied calibrated to a depth of 35 mm for optimum use with the underfloor heating system.

When we supply an internal bespoke coursed floor none of the reclaimed flags are sandblasted.  Each flag is carefully hand cleaned using techniques we have spent years researching to ensure the flags retain their natural foot worn patina.

Reclaimed Stone Floor laid in a kitchen

Antique Stone Floor laid in a house

Interior Reclaimed Stone Flags laid

If you are planning to lay the stone in a random pattern you will need to order extra (approximately 10% for wastage).  Traditionally stone floors were laid in courses of an equal width with random lengths.   We offer a bespoke coursing service and will lay the floor out in our yard to fit room dimensions.  This saves lots of time and expense on site and means you don’t have to order extra for wastage.  Flagstones are dispatched with a detailed plan for laying on numbered pallets.

Yorkstone flags are extremely durable and will last forever but a good sealer will make the stone less porous and more stain resistant.  Use a colour enhancing or wet look sealer for a more dramatic look.  To protect the stone without changing the appearance use a matte look sealer.   Buy a range of sealers to try on off cuts before committing to the entire floor.

Stone Floor in Kitchen

Stone Flags laid in courses

Internal Stone Floor

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Coursed Reclaimed Yorkstone Floor in Manchester Property



Coursed hallway
Smooth Yorkstone



Cathedral Flags on pallet
Yorsktone Flags are sent out on numbered pallets with a plan attached to each stack. The hay in between is a biodegradable method of preventing damage in transit
Cathedral grade flags
Cathedral Grade Flags for sale at Ribble Reclamation

“I am the architect/ client for our new house & have been told I can be the most stubborn, fussy & demanding person to deal with.  The house is located in a conservation area & constructed using traditional materials, but with a modern twist, walls are reclaimed Cheshire brick and the roof reclaimed Welsh slate.  When designing, I always demand high quality & natural integrity in any of the materials I use.  Therefore when it came to the entrance hall, interior grade York stone was our natural choice of flooring material. 

Even though we required a relatively small area of Yorkstone, we found it extremely difficult to source the right amount of consistent quality flags.  Fortunately we were introduced to Ribble Reclamation, who from the outset were very helpful & spoke with a passion about their approach to York stone flagging.  Ribble Reclamation’s Yorkstone Flags are carefully worked by a time served stone mason to ensure they are of a consistent quality of Cathedral grade. The flags are cut & dressed to the dimensions on your plans which means they can supply the quantity of flags you require without any wastage.  Once laid out to pattern, Lancashire rainwater is the secret ingredient used to clean the stone & let the stone mason check he’s achieved an ordered randomness for the different colours & patina in the laying pattern.  On site, once the stone has been bedded & jointed, water based sealer is added to the surface to enhance & protect the rich natural patina & unique colour of the individual stones.

As an architect the Ribble Reclamation York stone flags ticked all the boxes aesthetically & with my client hat on it made commercial sense too.  Firstly, there is a great benefit in seeing the floor laid out in its entirety before it is brought to site.  Secondly, with the flags cut to your actual plan there is no wastage, so you’re not paying for something you will not use.  Finally, with the stone being cut to plan, it is quicker & more cost effective to lay.  Our installers, as they stood admiring their work with pride, commented that it was the best quality stone they had ever laid.  We made the right decision to get our York stone floor from Ribble Reclamation, it is stunning product & without fail gets the most admiring comments.  A York stone floor of this quality can make a project & I would have no hesitation in recommending Ribble Reclamation’s York stone floor to anyone.”

David Lydgate (Architect & Client) – Manchester

Our professional coursing service is available on any batch of reclaimed Yorkstone Flags.  If you would like a quote or more information, please email us at:

Or call us on: 01772 794534

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Reclaimed Coursed Yorkstone Floor & Patio for a Lancashire Home

Glass house
Glass house with Yorkstone Floor and Patio
The ran in courses from inside the glass house to the patio
The courses run continuously from inside the glass house to the patio
Smooth enough to be walked on in bare feet (or paws!)
Smooth enough to be walked on in bare feet (or paws!)
The colours become more vibrant when wet, this look could also be achieved by using a 'wet look' or 'colour enhancing' stone sealer
The colours become more vibrant when wet. This look can also be achieved by using a ‘wet look’ or ‘colour enhancing’ stone sealer
Courses run from approximately 12" to 36" widths
Courses run from approximately 12″ to 36″ widths
Yorkstone steps
Yorkstone steps calibrated to 40mm

“Many Thanks Ribble Reclamation, this is the best batch of reclaimed Yorkstone Flags I have ever laid.  The finished job looked superb and I will certainly recommend to future clients.”
Ian (Landscaper) – Lancashire

For more information about Yorkstone Floors or to enquire about our current stock, please email us at: or call us on: 01772 794534