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Bespoke Reclaimed Yorkstone Floor laid in a Classical Clapham Villa

Yorkstone patio

The Reclaimed Stone Flags supplied were all calibrated to approximately 35mm, an optimum thickness for use with underfloor heating. The stone floor was coursed, in rows of an equal width, to the clients room dimensions and supplied with a plan for laying.  Before the flags are placed onto numbered pallets we photograph the floor laid out in our yard.  Our coursing service eliminates the need to order extra stone for wastage and saves a lot of time and effort on site.

Reclaimed stone floor

Stone floor

Reclaimed Yorkstone

Antique stone flags

Grey yorkstone floor

Yorkstone flags

Reclaimed stone floor


The restoration project was managed by well-respected London based construction company MH Costa Construction Ltd, they have a portfolio of outstanding properties which can be viewed here: MH Costa projects


The client was happy with the stone “Everyone thinks it looks amazing!!”


Thanks to MH Costa for allowing us to use the wonderful photographs.


Our professional coursing service is available on any batch of reclaimed Yorkstone Flags.  If you would like a quote or more information, please email us at:


Or call us on: 01772 794534

Current stock here: Reclaimed Yorkstone Flags




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Reclaimed Coursed Yorkstone Floor & Patio for a Lancashire Home

Glass house
Glass house with Yorkstone Floor and Patio
The ran in courses from inside the glass house to the patio
The courses run continuously from inside the glass house to the patio
Smooth enough to be walked on in bare feet (or paws!)
Smooth enough to be walked on in bare feet (or paws!)
The colours become more vibrant when wet, this look could also be achieved by using a 'wet look' or 'colour enhancing' stone sealer
The colours become more vibrant when wet. This look can also be achieved by using a ‘wet look’ or ‘colour enhancing’ stone sealer
Courses run from approximately 12" to 36" widths
Courses run from approximately 12″ to 36″ widths
Yorkstone steps
Yorkstone steps calibrated to 40mm

“Many Thanks Ribble Reclamation, this is the best batch of reclaimed Yorkstone Flags I have ever laid.  The finished job looked superb and I will certainly recommend to future clients.”
Ian (Landscaper) – Lancashire

For more information about Yorkstone Floors or to enquire about our current stock, please email us at: or call us on: 01772 794534

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Reclaimed Farmhouse Walling Stone used for Riverside Oxon Property

Reclaimed Farmhouse walling

We ship Reclaimed Building Materials all over the country, which means that we don’t always get to see the finished results. Some people have been kind enough to provide us with photographic illustrations of what they have achieved, however, and after several months of stone deliveries, this is what one customer had to show us.

Extra 003
Reclaimed Walling Stone from Ribble Reclamation was used to build steps leading down to the water’s edge. It was also used for garden walls at the back of the property

We always have a great selection of Reclaimed Yorkstone Flags in store, and when this particular job took place we had a batch of slabs which were notably substantial in size.  Each Yorkstone Flag was cut into three pieces, and these three pieces were used to form two steps with beautifully weathered edges and a riser. The cutting work was carried out by our experienced Stone Mason at the Ribble Yard, and highlights the quality that you get when you work with invested and experienced professionals. Finishing the project were the unique, terracotta Pier Caps which can be seen by the water’s edge in the first photograph.

If you have photographs of projects using Reclaimed Building Materials from Ribble Reclamation and you would like to share them, please email us at:

Or alternatively, if you need advice about other methods of getting your photographs to us, please feel free to call us on: 01772 794534