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Reclaimed Stone Floor laid in Lancashire Edwardian Terrace

tone Flooring laid in courses

We recently supplied the stone floor in the photographs below.  Each stone floor is unique, no two flagstones are the same and that’s the beauty of it.   All reclaimed flagstones were supplied calibrated to a depth of 35 mm for optimum use with the underfloor heating system.

When we supply an internal bespoke coursed floor none of the reclaimed flags are sandblasted.  Each flag is carefully hand cleaned using techniques we have spent years researching to ensure the flags retain their natural foot worn patina.

Reclaimed Stone Floor laid in a kitchen

Antique Stone Floor laid in a house

Interior Reclaimed Stone Flags laid

If you are planning to lay the stone in a random pattern you will need to order extra (approximately 10% for wastage).  Traditionally stone floors were laid in courses of an equal width with random lengths.   We offer a bespoke coursing service and will lay the floor out in our yard to fit room dimensions.  This saves lots of time and expense on site and means you don’t have to order extra for wastage.  Flagstones are dispatched with a detailed plan for laying on numbered pallets.

Yorkstone flags are extremely durable and will last forever but a good sealer will make the stone less porous and more stain resistant.  Use a colour enhancing or wet look sealer for a more dramatic look.  To protect the stone without changing the appearance use a matte look sealer.   Buy a range of sealers to try on off cuts before committing to the entire floor.

Stone Floor in Kitchen

Stone Flags laid in courses

Internal Stone Floor

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