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Norfolk Yorkstone floor & patio

Yorkstone flags

A year after supplying a 40m2 Yorkstone floor for our customer, Scott, he came back to us to order 25m2 flagstones for a patio to continue on from the internal Yorkstone floor.  He recently kindly sent us these images of the almost finished renovation and said:

“Our floor and patio is finally laid and we are both delighted with it. The slabs look really lovely.

I’ve cleaned them since the pictures were taken and the colours look even better now.

Thanks again for all your help, your good service, and your wonderfully wobbly slabs….. Wouldn’t hesitate to use you again or recommend you to anyone else.”


Stone floor living room

Prior to delivery, the floor was coursed to a room plan and the flagstones were calibrated to approximately 45mm thickness. The property was in Norfolk and unfortunately, Scott didn’t get a chance to visit our reclamation yard in Lancashire to view the stone in person, so had to rely on email. Before the stone was dispatched we sent photographs of the floor laid out in our yard to make sure he was happy.  The brief for this floor was to include some multi-coloured flagstones with interesting patterns in a mix of buff and grey.

Stone floor

Yorkstone floor

When supplying the flagstones for the patio, 12 months later,  we carefully picked out the same range of colours to ensure continuity.  The thickness of the flagstones required for outside was not as important so they did not need to be calibrated.

Yorkstone patio

We always have a large selection of Reclaimed Yorkstone Flags which have been expertly graded for interior use and exterior use.

If you would like a quote or more information, please email us at: or call us on: 01772 794534.



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Reclaimed Yorkstone floor & patio in Liverpool

Cathedral grade stone flags

In summer 2017 we supplied approximately 40m2 smooth reclaimed Yorkstone flags to Joanne and Phil who were creating a rustic Italian style dining area, complete with pizza oven and BBQ, in the garden of their Liverpool home.  We were delighted when they allowed us to visit last week to take some photographs of the finished project.

Yorkstone path

Reclaimed yorkstone path

Reclaimed Yorkstone patio

Reclaimed york stone patio

Yorsktone flags were supplied for the internal floor area and the outside patio area which wrapped around two sides of the building.  Prior to delivery the flagstones were coursed to specification in our yard and sent with a plan for laying.  The flagstones were calibrated to an approximate thickness of 40mm to give the required depth plus bedding to allow the flags to run from inside to outside.

Yorkstone floor and patio

Flagstone Path

reclaimed stone floor laid inside

Large yorkstone flags

Larger flagstones of the same grade were selected to create the countertop in front of the pizza oven, chimney and BBQ.

Grey yorkstone flags

Laying reclaimed yorkstone inside

Yorkstone worktop

Rustic stone floor

Once the Yorkstone flags had been laid they were sealed using Nexus pro-410 paving sealer, in the matt finish, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Italian style garden

Rustic pizza oven

Smooth yorkstone patio

Yorkstone flag garden


We always have a large selection of Reclaimed Flagstones which have been expertly graded for interior use and exterior use.

If you would like a quote or more information, please email us at: or call us on: 01772 794534.

Photographs by Alex De Palma

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Reclaimed Stone Floor laid in Lancashire Edwardian Terrace

tone Flooring laid in courses

We recently supplied the stone floor in the photographs below.  Each stone floor is unique, no two flagstones are the same and that’s the beauty of it.   All reclaimed flagstones were supplied calibrated to a depth of 35 mm for optimum use with the underfloor heating system.

When we supply an internal bespoke coursed floor none of the reclaimed flags are sandblasted.  Each flag is carefully hand cleaned using techniques we have spent years researching to ensure the flags retain their natural foot worn patina.

Reclaimed Stone Floor laid in a kitchen

Antique Stone Floor laid in a house

Interior Reclaimed Stone Flags laid

If you are planning to lay the stone in a random pattern you will need to order extra (approximately 10% for wastage).  Traditionally stone floors were laid in courses of an equal width with random lengths.   We offer a bespoke coursing service and will lay the floor out in our yard to fit room dimensions.  This saves lots of time and expense on site and means you don’t have to order extra for wastage.  Flagstones are dispatched with a detailed plan for laying on numbered pallets.

Yorkstone flags are extremely durable and will last forever but a good sealer will make the stone less porous and more stain resistant.  Use a colour enhancing or wet look sealer for a more dramatic look.  To protect the stone without changing the appearance use a matte look sealer.   Buy a range of sealers to try on off cuts before committing to the entire floor.

Stone Floor in Kitchen

Stone Flags laid in courses

Internal Stone Floor

If you would like a quote or more information, please email us at: Or call us on: 01772 794534