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Stone setts

Stone setts are blocks, usually rectangular in shape, that are used to for paving. They can be laid in different ways to create interesting designs, and you can combine different types of stone to make patterns that will add an elegant touch to your driveway, patio or borders.

Setts are hard wearing and built to last, so if you want a truly authentic traditional look using stone setts then it makes sense to use reclaimed stone that has been salvaged from sites where it is no longer needed – the stone will still look great, and you will be adding a real piece of history to your home, as well as installing paving that will look naturally aged rather than unnaturally new.

At Ribble Reclamation, we supply the UK's best selection of reclaimed building and paving materials including the collection of stone setts you can see in this section of our website. You can find a range of different stone setts, and we supply batches that are from the same source or are of a similar quality, size, colour and age so you can get a consistent look no matter how large the area you want to pave with setts is.

If you want to match existing setts on your property, please send us pictures and measurements by email (or come and see us at our site in Preston, Lancashire, and bring photos along), and we will do all we can to find a perfect match for you. If you have any queries about these setts or any of our other reclaimed building materials, you can also call us on 01772 794534.

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