Granite Setts

Setts are blocks used in all kinds of paving, from creating borders to pathways and drives to full paving. Granite setts are popular for a number of reasons. They have a distinctive look which can be used to create attractive patterns when used in combination with other types of setts or with other paving such as flags. They are also extremely hard wearing, and so they can be used in areas where you may expect cars to drive over them frequently, such as your home’s driveway or forecourt.

At Ribble Reclamation we actively seek out the best period paving, with our expert team choosing only the most well kept, high quality flags, stone and granite setts to include in our renowned range of reclaimed building materials.

If you can’t find the exact type or quantity of granite setts you are looking for, or you would like to find some that will match existing setts you already have on your property, then please get in touch with us. You can email us with details of what you are looking for (including photos if you are looking for a match), or you can call and talk to us on 01772 794534. You can also drop by our four-acre site in Preston, Lancashire, where you will also be able to see our range of granite setts and view different types of paving laid in our display gardens.

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