Door Furniture

Nickel and brass pieces can add a traditional touch to any home, and can also be great to use in recreating an original period style if your home is an older property. There are all kinds of ways you can use brass or nickel in your home’s interior, including things like door furniture, fireplace pieces and ornamental accessories.

The best way you can achieve a true period look when choosing brass and nickel pieces for your interior décor is to look out for authentic antique items, rather than newer replicas. At Ribble Reclamation, we source all kinds of beautiful original nickel and brass interior pieces from sites all over the UK. Our reclamation specialists pick out only the finest examples of historical nickel and brass, to offer our customers well kept, stylish and unique reclaimed pieces for their homes.

Remember that due to the nature of finding and salvaging pieces from different places, we have new stock in all the time, and cannot often predict what we will find next! This means that our range is ever changing, and we sometimes have new items in stock that we haven’t yet added to our website listings. If you are interested in reclaimed nickel or brass but cannot see what you are looking for here, then please give us a call on 01772 794534, or email us. We can then let you know about anything we have in our extended collection that could fit the bill!

You can also come and see us, and all of our current pieces, at our site in Preston, Lancashire.

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