A beautiful or interesting statue can make for a really nice feature on a driveway or lawn. Statues can also help you achieve a period look if you are restoring an older property and its grounds. Statues from different periods can reflect all kinds of different things, from classical nudes or figures, through to animals and mythical creatures, or even more abstract sculptures. Choosing a sculpture that looks new, or an old stone statue that looks like it has been where it stands for hundreds of years, can also make a big difference to the effect it has, as can choosing different materials like stone or marble.

Whatever style, age or size of statue you are looking for, it is worth checking out the current range of reclaimed statues Ribble Reclamation have in our collection of stunning outdoor features. These statues have all been salvaged from genuine period properties all over the UK, and have been chosen because they are well preserved, attractive, and authentic.

Reclamation is a business that often allows us to find surprising new things, and our stock changes all the time. This means that we may well have some new arrivals in terms of statues and other stone outdoor features that have not yet been put on our website. If you can’t find the kind of thing you want listed here, then please call us on 01772 794534, and we can let you know about our wider collection. You can also email us, or come and see our statues on display at our site in Preston.

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