Staddle Stones

Staddle stones are those ‘stone mushrooms’ you quite often see in gardens. They are made from sandstone, and were originally used to prop up supplies of things like grain, to stop water getting into them and to make it harder for vermin to make their way into the stores. Now they are most commonly used as decorative outdoor features, because their shape and aged features gives them an interesting look.

Ribble Reclamation has a wide range of staddle stones for you to choose from, in fact, we believe we have the largest collection of these attractive stone pieces in the country! They come in all different sizes and degrees of aging, so you can choose a very weathered, mossy stone that will look like it’s been there for decades, or a cleaner, newer looking piece.

If you can’t find the kind of staddle stones you want for you garden here on our website, please call Ribble Reclamation today! We are always finding and reclaiming new items, so we could have more staddle stones available that we have not added to the site yet because they are new in. We can also keep an eye out for what you need if your requirements are very specific. Our telephone number is 01772 794534, or you can of course email us. All of our outdoor building materials, garden furniture and outdoor design features are on display at our reclamation yard in Preston, Lancashire. If you would like to see them for yourself or would like to talk to our team in person, you are welcome to drop by!

We offer delivery on these staddle stones throughout the country.

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