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Flagstone Patio | Laying Yorkstone Flags in courses

Reclaimed Yorkstone Patio

Traditionally, Yorkstone Flags were often laid in coursed rows of an equal width with random sized lengths.  We offer a coursing service on all orders, this involves laying the flagstones out in our yard according to the customers requirements.  Flagstones are then placed onto numbered pallets and delivered with a plan. Random laying patterns are also very popular. If using this method you may need to buy approximately 10% extra to account for wastage (cuts).
Reclaimed York Stone Flags

Reclaimed York Stone FlagsReclaimed York Stone Flags

Preparing the flags this way can be very useful and will increase efficiency on site once they have been delivered.  A previous customer commented on this service “There is a great benefit in seeing the floor laid out in it’s entirety before it is brought to site.  Secondly, with the flags cut to your actual plan there is no wastage, so you’re not paying for something you will not use.  Finally, with the stone being cut to a uniform depth it is easier to manhandle & being cut to plan it is quicker & more cost effective to lay”

We have just received some photographs of the finished project…

York stone flags Ribble Reclamation

Mike commented “The garden looks great and the stones are fabulous, Many thanks for your help and assistance.”

Yorstone Flags Garden

Reclaimed Yorkstone Patio

We always have various grades of Reclaimed Yorkstone in stock in a variety of thickness, size and colour. Our stock changes daily, click here to view some of the Reclaimed Yorkstone suitable for patios and driveways. Our reclamation yard, with paved display gardens, is open 6 days a week.

Reclaimed weathered laid in display area

Photographs of other recent coursed Reclaimed Yorkstone orders below:

Reclaimed Yorkstone Patio

Yorkstone Flags Path

Yorkstone path

If you would like a quote or more information, please email us at: or call us on: 01772 794534.  Next day nationwide delivery available.

We are always looking to buy Reclaimed Yorkstone Flags, please contact us for best current rates and collection information.

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