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Cast Iron Radiators (Reclaimed)

Cast Iron Radiators (Reclaimed)

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How you heat your home is important, and if you have an old property you are renovating in its original style, or are going for a period look, authentic reclaimed cast iron radiators offer a means to keep your house warm in the winter months while retaining a historical, period style.

As with all of our reclaimed building materials, antiques and indoor features, our reclaimed cast iron radiators have been carefully selected and salvaged from sites all around the UK, allowing us to offer exceptional pieces that offer true, authentic period style while also being well kept and fully operational. As you would expect from reclaimed pieces, these radiators are also built to last! Visit to view our range of reclaimed radiators. 

We source new pieces every week, so there are often radiators available in our collection which we have not yet catalogued on the website. You can speak to one of our team on 01772 794534, or drop us an email to enquire about our radiators and let us know what you are looking for.

If you want to see our stock of available reclaimed cast iron radiators first hand, feel free to drop by at our site in Preston, Lancashire where we have all of our excellent quality radiators and other reclaimed building materials and antiques on display.

Ribble Reclamation offers nationwide delivery on all of our cast iron radiators, as well as most of our other stock.

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