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Doors (Reclaimed)

Doors (Reclaimed)

Doors can be one of the most important features in your interior, and if you are going for a historical look or renovating a period property in its original style, it is essential that you choose doors that match with the look you are going for. Doors through the ages have come in many styles and have been made from various different woods, also featuring different looks in terms of door furniture like handles, hinges and locks. Getting doors that match not only your property or design style's period, but also its decor can make a big difference to the overall effect of your rooms.

The best way to get a good period match and doors that will really add something to your restoration or historically inspired design paradigm is to use original antique doors throughout your home, or in the rooms you are decorating in a period style. Reclaimed doors salvaged from old properties are the best way to get hold of genuine period doors, and at Ribble Reclamation, we reclaim high quality, well preserved pieces from sites all over the country.

If you can't find the type, style or size of door you are looking for listed here on our website, remember that we receive new items all the time, so we may well have some doors available that are not yet catalogued online. If you have some specific requirements or want to know what else we have in stock, please email us or give us a call on 01772 794534.

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