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Fire dogs (reclaimed)

Fire dogs (reclaimed)

Fire dogs are created by using a pair of andirons in an open fire. They are used to keep logs on your fire in a position where air can circulate better, allowing for a better, more reliable fire. An open fire can be a beautiful, cosy feature to warm your rooms on winter evenings, but historically fire dogs were also used to allow people to cook on spits and in pans over their fires. There is of course no reason why you can't try doing this too, if you want a really authentic experience using your period fireplace!

Using genuine period fire dogs with your fireplace gives a much more historical feel than using modern replicas, and at Ribble Reclamations we have a great range of andirons and fire dogs, as well as other brass and nickel fire accessories, all of which have been sourced from period properties around the country. Whether you are restoring an old home and want to recreate its original fireplace, or you just want a beautiful traditional style open fire, we have lots of pieces for you to choose from.

Remember that you can also see all of our stock in person by visiting us at our yard in Preston, Lancashire. You can also get in touch by calling us on 01772 794534, or emailing us if you have any queries, or if you want something you can't find here on our site – some of our newest arrivals may not yet have been catalogued here.

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