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Door furniture (Antique)

If you want a traditional or historical look for the entrance to your property, this can easily be achieved using antique door furniture. While most people think of door furniture as the essential things like a handle and a lock, there are actually a wide range of brass and nickel antique pieces that can be used to both decorate your front door and add functional features. Of course, door furniture isn't just for front doors – your back door or even doors for wardrobes and cupboards can also be made more attractive and more in keeping with a period design style by adding antique hinges, latches, knobs and other features.

While you can certainly find lots of replica pieces like knockers, escutcheons, letterboxes and door handles in traditional styles of nickel and brass, there is a lot to be said for having the real thing, and by using genuine antique door furniture you may also be getting something that nobody else has for your home!

At Ribble Reclamation, we reclaim a wide range of door furniture, and we carefully choose the best, most attractive and well preserved pieces to offer our customers. Whatever piece of door furniture you need, or even if you want a full set, we have plenty to show you. You can also contact us on 01772 794534 or by email, if you can't see what you are looking for on our website – we may have some new pieces in that will meet your needs which haven't been listed here yet.

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