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Gazebos and Arches

Gazebos and Arches

Gazebos and arches can make very attractive features in your garden, and a gazebo can also offer a nice shady place to sit and relax in hot weather. Whether your property is an older one you are trying to keep in its original period style, or a more modern home, the classic touch of a period gazebo or arch can make for an interesting and useful outdoor feature on your lawn, or elsewhere in your outdoor space.

If you really want an authentic period look from your new gazebo or arch, then the best way to get it is by buying an arch or gazebo that has been reclaimed from a historical property and is therefore of the right sort of age to be a genuine example of the period you are taking your inspiration from. Many reclaimed pieces are extremely well preserved, or have aged in a way that makes them even more beautiful.

At Ribble Reclamation, we specialise in finding the best reclaimed outdoor features, building materials and antiques to supply to our customers. Our experts scour the nation looking for well kept, functional and attractive period pieces, such as the beautiful range of reclaimed gazebos and arches you can see within this section of our website. We offer country wide delivery on these and most of our other pieces. Order now online, or call 01772 794534 for more information. You can also email us, or come and see us at our site in Preston, Lancashire.

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