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If for you, your garden is all about having beautiful, well kept plants, or you like to grow your own food, then good, sturdy planters are an important feature to have. Planters can be functional, but of course can also be decorative in their own right, making for a nice feature to look at even when the flowers aren't in bloom or the plants are still tiny saplings! Choosing interesting, attractive planters is an easy way to make your garden look good all year round, and good planters will also help your plants to thrive.

Within our vast range of reclaimed garden pieces, Ribble Reclamation usually has a good choice of raised planters, which have been reclaimed from old properties all around the country who don't need them anymore. There are planters made of all kinds of materials, such as stone, terracotta and metal, in varying sizes and of different ages. If you are looking for something with a period look, then we have planters that can help you consistently keep the look of an old property in your garden. If you are more concerned with how robust your planters are, then we have tough, resilient planters that have already stood the test of time.

If you can't find the style, size or quantity of planters in the range currently displayed on our website, please do get in touch with us right away. Our stock changes very regularly due to the nature of reclamation, and so we may have some additional planters we've just got in that haven't been added to the site yet.

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