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Choosing a Hearth and Mantle using Reclaimed Materials

Log Burner on Reclaimed Stone Hearth


Log burner with oak mantle

(Above) Carron 7.3KW Enamel Multifuel Stove £1025, Hand finished Reclaimed Oak Beam £200, Antique Yorkstone Hearth £160 all from Ribble Reclamation

What type of hearth should I choose for my wood burning stove or fire?

We stock a great choice of natural non-combustible reclaimed materials perfect for hearth stones including: Slate, Terracotta, Granite, Travertine and our favourite….  Reclaimed Yorkstone.  Nothing beats the rustic charm of a unique worn antique flagstone. When fitted properly a Yorkstone hearth will last forever.  Flagstones are graded depending on their surface, provenance & patina from cathedral grade smooth top flagstones to a rustic riven finish.  The natural colour of the stone varies depending on where it was originally quarried from, at the moment we have blue, grey, cherry, dark brown, buff and even purple.  When considering the size of the hearth current UK building regulations (document J) stipulate there should be a clearance of 300mm at the front of the appliance and 150mm at the sides. You can choose whether to use one large flagstone, or a few slabs jointed together. Visit us with your dimensions and we will be happy to discuss a range of options.  Prices start from £70 (ex. VAT) per sq. y and flagstones over 1m long tend to be more expensive.

Stone Hearth

How should I protect my hearth?
If you decide to fit a Stone or Slate hearth we would definitely recommend applying a sealer. Be extra careful burning candles as melted wax will stain and is very difficult to remove. To darken the hearth use a colour enhancing sealer. Invisible/ matt sealers should be used if you want to add protection whilst keeping the appearance the same. has some good options.  Using a roller to apply sealer helps achieve an even application.

Stone Hearth
What type of mantle should I go for?

When choosing a mantle remember flue pipes get very hot, document j (see above) details required distance between mantle and flue pipe.  Reclaimed Oak is classed as a combustible material, the general rule for combustible materials would be that it has to be three ‘x’ the distance away from the pipe where ‘x’ is the width of the pipe, so for example if the pipe is 5″ wide the mantle would have to be 15″ away from the pipe.

A Reclaimed Oak Beam is an excellent choice for a mantle.  Each one is unique and has a different profile, choose from beams full of rustic character twisted with knots or go for a more simple beam with a flat top.

Oak Mantle Beam

Oak Mantle

With hundreds of Reclaimed Oak Beams in stock and a showroom full of mantle beams ‘ready to go’ we have a good choice of beams that have been prepared for fitting.  Following cleaning & sanding a rich medium brown specialist wax is applied by brush in order to fill every nook and cranny within the oak beam and to eliminate dry patches.  Once the wax has been applied the oak is burnished by hand to reveal the most exquisite period patina.  Hand finished Reclaimed Oak Beams start at £25 (ex. VAT) per foot for a 6″ x 4″ section.

Reclaimed Oak Beam

Use Beam off cuts for Lamp Bases, stands or side tables  – as one customer did in the photograph below.

Polished Oak Beam

Who should fit my stove?
When it comes to fitting your stove we always recommend using a HETAS registered installer. You can find a list of approved fitters in your area on their website.
HETAS have also released the following safety checklist:

  • Always use the right fuel for the appliance as recommended by the manufacturer
  • Keep all combustibles, including logs, at a safe distance from the hot stove
  • Make sure any external air ventilation grills are not locked
  • Do not slow/ slumber burn
  • Never leave an open fire unattended without a spark guard
  • Get your stove service annually by a HETAS registered installer

If you would like a quote or more information, please email us at: Or call us on: 01772 794534


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