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Flooring (Wood)

Wood floors are a great choice for all kinds of homes. They are resilient, easy to clean, and of course incredibly stylish. You can choose new, modern hardwood flooring, however if you are restoring an old house to its original look, or you want to create a convincing, authentic period look in a newer property, using original flooring that has been reclaimed from older houses is a better way to achieve the style you are aiming for.

Because wood flooring is built to last, well preserved wood flooring that is decades or even centuries old can still look fantastic when reused in a new home. At Ribble Reclamation, we salvage the best quality, most attractive wood flooring along with other well kept reclaimed building materials from properties all over the country. This enables our customers to achieve genuine period styles in their homes, while also giving these materials a second chance to be loved in someone's home!

Whatever the size, style, or wood you are in search of for your floor, we hope you will find it in our vast collection. If you can't see what you are looking for here, or the quantity of a given type of flooring you need is not currently listed as available, please don't hesitate to call Ribble Reclamation on 01772 794534, or send us an email. It is not uncommon for us to have some new stock in that we have only just reclaimed, and not yet added to our website.

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