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Whether you want to use a hopper for its intended purpose, or simply think an original cast iron hopper would make an interesting outdoor feature for your home, authentic, reclaimed hoppers can give you a stylish period look that will be pretty much unique.

Antique hoppers come in a range of colours and sizes, and are often decorated. This allows what were originally functional agricultural pieces to make great design features, which can help you restore the period look of an old property, or simply add an interesting and unusual historical piece to your house or an outdoor building or wall. Our hoppers have been reclaimed from sites all over the country, and we often have them in matching sets if you are looking for more than one hopper.

At Ribble Reclamation we have a great choice of authentic reclaimed antique hoppers for your home. These have been carefully sourced from old properties, and are now available to become a great new period architectural feature for your home! We are constantly on the lookout for new pieces to add to our vast collection of available reclaimed building materials, and get new stock in all the time, so if you don't see the hoppers you want here, call our friendly team on 01772 794534 or drop us an email.

You can also see all of our hoppers and other pieces on display at our reclamation yard, which is in Preston, Lancashire. We offer nationwide delivery on these and most of our other items.

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