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Large Reclaimed Yorkstone Flag from Ribble Reclamation used for Kitchen Worktop

Large Yorkstone Kitchen Worktop

We keep a broad selection of larger, Reclaimed Yorkstone pieces at our site, as they make for bold and attractive table tops, fire hearths and kitchen worktops. The photographs below shows one of our pieces in situ, and we were delighted to see the same care and attention that we afford our work continue into a finished design.

Once the customer had selected the Reclaimed Yorkstone it was cleaned, re-edged, and delivered to create a truly unique kitchen island.  We also supplied the Reclaimed Rustic Oak Beams which can be prominently seen in the photographs below.

Yorkstone Island
Reclaimed Yorkstone for Kitchen Island
Clean Yorkstone Slab
Beautiful patina
Reclaimed Yorkstone worktop
The kitchen was styled beautifully, but even in such a well-designed room the worktop still stands out

Yorkstone is extremely hard-wearing, and we expect many of our pieces to be enjoyed for generations to come. There are also a range of impregnating stone-sealers available which have the dual-benefits of protecting the stones’ surfaces and making them easier clean.

To enquire about our current stock or for more information about using Reclaimed Yorkstone Flags for tops, hearths, and worktops, please email us at: or call us on: 01772 794534

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  1. Beautiful kitchen, the beams look amazing!

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